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Matthias Kaul, Solopercussion Ein Elementarereignis der Schlagkraft (Fonoforum)
Toc-toc-toc. Imagine a young boy walking past an iron railing, a stick in his hand, exploring the various timbres of the resonating metal. Imagine the same boy riding his bicycle at full speed, discovering the sound produced by the airstream when he opens his mouth, relishing in the multitude of overtones resulting when he changes the shape of his oral cavity. Such youthful playfulness is one of the roots of the core sensibility of many an adventurous performer/improviser/ composer Matthias Kaul has managed to retain a great deal of this naive joy of acoustic exploration -and has tempered it with an intimate knowledge of contemporary musics between John Cage and John Zorn, and an intellectual curiosity touching on poetry, philosophy and politics.The solorecital on this CD is a vivid proof of such multi-faceted creativity,
a good hour of music rich in musical adventure -and rich in subtexts well beyond the confines of contemporary music, rich in musical allusions and illusions. Peter Niklos Wilson

percussion, voice, cymbalon, hurdy-gurdy, bicycle,thelephone and numerous other instruments

1 Kutunga (1994) 10:02
Two poems in Swahili for two frame drums
2 Timpani Ride (1997) 16:1 I
Spheric scene for bicycle and timpani
3 Mazza (1997) 14:10
About the edible character of sounds for percussion ond voice
4 Roma (1995) 17: I I
Cymbalom, Copichand and tape, words in Romani,
written and spoken by Stefan Romeyan
5 Hendrix (1997) 11:21
for electrified timpanies

Total Time 69:13

All compositions by Matthias Kaul.
A production of Saarländischer Rundfunk, Saarbrücken;
Recorded May 18?20,1998 at Saarländischer Rundfunk; Producer:Wolfgang Korb;
Recording supervisor: Christoph Claßen; CD?master by Peter Pfister;
Graphit concept by fuhrer vienna; Liner notes by Peter Niklas Wilson;
Excutive Prodction by Pia & Werner Uehlinger:

1999, Edition of 3000 CDs.
Printed by Lüdin AG, 4410 Liestal, Switzerland

Art.-Nr.: 5
15,00 EUR
17,36 $US

CDs » MatthiasKaul / Solopercussion   1 Artikel
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