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CDs » Matthias Kaul / fever, limitierte Auflage   1 Artikel

Fever "Die mainstreamfernste CD der Saison." ( Die Zeit)
Matthias Kaul, Cover Wolfgang Kahle

Fever – Five Songs from a Percussionist

Each composition of this CD is dedicated to a person, or to the work of a person: Malcolm Goldstein, Amadeu Antonio Kiowa, Ingeborg Bachmann, Elvis Presley and Yoko Tawada.

Each CD-bag (handmade) is unique, because it is a part of a huge painting, which has been cut into thousand pieces. Above, you see a reduced size reproduction of that painting. Of course, this is a limited edition.

With the handwritten number and letter, which you can find somewhere on your CD-bag, you can work out, which part of the painting you are holding in your hands.


1. Listen, this is for You
2. Amadeu Antonio Kiowa
3. Bachmann
4. Fever
5. Listen,this for You (II)
Art.-Nr.: 1
18,00 EUR
20,83 $US

CDs » Matthias Kaul / fever, limitierte Auflage   1 Artikel
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